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(RYE) Rotary Exchange Students

The Wet Mountain Valley Rotary Club also sponsor exchange students.


The 2020-21 Exchange Year was cancelled due to COVID-19
Our student selected was going to be Kaya Huffman.


Haylee Hutterer was the outbound student to Italy.
Patrycja Niewinska was our inbound student from Poland.


Kayla Carter (Denmark) and Violet Funk (Germany) were our outbound students.
Eero Prusti was our inboud student. He is from Kauhava, Finland.


Jess Franta went to Finland.
Alexia Stanciu came from Ramnicu Valcea, Romania.


Katharina Stanglechner was from Andelsbuch, Voralberg, Austria.
Rylie Smith went to Austria.


Julie Clausen was from Denmark.
Katrina Voll went to Hungary.


Jordan Beach went to Argentina.
We hosted Geoff Mellini, an exchange student from France.


Madeleine Woods went to New Zealand.
We hosted a young lady, Ya-Yun Huang (Angel), from Taipei, Taiwan.

Before 2010

The Wet Mountain Valley Rotary hosted exchange students previously. We are working to find the names and places of these students. Please contact us if you know them.

1998 possibility - Jukka Kristian Törmänen

A special thanks to all the host families.

Other pictures are in our gallery.

Rotary Youth Exchange Program Information

(RYLA) Rotary Youth Leadership Program

The objectives of RYLA are

  • To encourage and assist youth leaders and potential leaders in methods of responsible and effective leadership by providing them with a training experience.
  • To encourage continued and stronger leadership of youth by youth.
  • To publicly recognize the outstanding qualities of many young people who are rendering service to their schools and communities as leaders.

The entire focus of RYLA is to provide foundational leadership skills for teenagers. It has been said that leadership cannot be taught, but it must be learned. At RYLA there are opportunities to learn leadership skills through experiential activities, incredible speakers, small group discussions, large group presentations, and in building life-long friendships.