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Welcome to Westcliffe Colorado, located in Custer County in a very rural part of southern Colorado, with the Sangre de Cristo Mountains to the west, and the Sierra Mojadas to the east. Westcliffe Colorado has an agricultural-based economy, with a larger population of cattle than people, and a rich mining and ranching heritage. We also boast the best high-mountain hay available.

Westcliffe was settled as a railroad town. Silver Cliff, on its eastern boundary, was a booming mining town when certain backers of the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad arrived. Their usual method of doing business was to buy cheap land a few miles away from the center of business and bring the railroad to that cheap land. The mining craze came to Custer County in the early 1870's with gold but mostly silver finds in the Rosita and Querida area, east of Westcliffe in the Wet Mountains. Then a large deposit of silver was found at Silver Cliffe. For a while, Silver Cliff was the third largest town in the State of Colorado. That's when Westcliffe was built with its famous church and school.

Although sparsely populated, the community of Westcliffe offers numerous amenities including outstanding schools, golf course, movie theater, restaurants, county health clinic and a varied cultural scene. The population of Custer County is 3,500 and Westcliffe, the county seat, has a population of about 700. There are no stoplights located throughout the county. p>Westcliffe is a place for people who love peace and quiet, who love the four distinct and yet mild seasons, and who enjoy nature in all her glory! Wildlife of all kinds abounds here, along with the regular farm animals. Most families have at least a horse, or a cow on the property, and almost all the kids participate in 4-H shows throughout the year. Affordability, beauty and space have made Westcliffe a treasure that has been hidden from view, until now!

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